Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Was That Really Forreal?

    REAL. What is real in this world? What is fake? Everyone has their different view of real and fake. From the way that someone/something looks to it's invisible significance it's sort of difficult to correctly separate the two with valid meanings or backing. The definition of realism states that it is the attitude /practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly. Okay. So what I receive from this definition would be an example like so. One rainy day on the way to school, James is walking to his class and slips because he had stepped in a puddle of water two feet back. After he slipped, he yelled out in anger and embarassment while continuing to rush to class. Is this realism because we can all invisualize this happening? Or is it real because it has happened to people in the past and they adapted to it although in shock? I think both accurately apply to realism.
    As far as realsim in regards to Art, people can look at a painting but not actually see what the message is. A person can view art as a meaningless waste of time while equally someone can view that same piece of art work as a  tremendous discovery in life. Nothing more or less, just as it is. Believing in deeper meanings in life will force someone to look at all aspects in a deeper way. For example, a Christian may pray before crucial events like tests, performances etc. to improve their chances of doing well. If succeeded, this person experienced something "to them" which is real because they themselves truely believe it is so. Various parts of "real" can come from cultural/environmental influences which are not usually noticed.
    My own person realism example would be life compared to the sky. There are times when the sky is undeniably radiant with beauty (exciting and monumental). On the contrary, the sky can be gray and dull (unexciting and sad). Regardless of moral beliefs or deep meanings, although the sky will always be there. Consequently, it won't always look the same when you wake up just like life! Thus, the real factor lie within a person regardless of if it's tangable, invisible, physical or emotional. At one point it all can be real' it just depends on ones' definition.

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