Friday, April 15, 2011

Harold Cohen / Aaron

    Harold Cohen studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London, and taught there for many years before joining the Visual Arts Department in 1968. His work as a painter has been exhibited widely both in galleries and in major museums. After moving to San Diego, Cohen became interested in computer programming and particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. On the basis of his early research he was invited, in 1971, to spend two years at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Stanford University as a Guest Scholar.

    Intially, when I look at these pictures I see vibrance and radiance. I makes me feel excited and joyful which to me is why they are so intriguing. Additionally, you get to see a bit of everything from fantasy, nature and emotions. Although I may be wrong, this what I see and feel looking into these picture. In recent years, Cohen's work has attracted increasing media attention. Discovery OnLine broadcast the painting machine in action directly from his studio onto the World Wide Web in 1996, and AARON has been featured on a number of TV programs including Beyond 2000, Scientific American Frontiers, a program on programming for the BBC's Open University Series and It'll Never Work, a BBC program for children.

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