Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beauty to One, But Not to All

        Beauty is said to be in the eyes of the beholder but what does that truely mean? Does it indicate that someone can think a person or something is beautiful but another can see as ugly? In my opinion yes because it's all in the perception of what or who is being looked at. Many people generalize because of there own views coming from that particular culture or background. Having an open mind is key when looking into beauty. For instance, when staring at a portrait that an artist has deligently created, an individual wouldn't just scan across it for a few second for quick judgement in appearances, but actually analyze it. They would want to obviously see the creativity used in it but also the in depth meanings. Say an artist paited a portrait of their mom. The painting has a dark background, the mother has a blank stare on her face, yet the sun is shining through the side window. A person could say that the artist maybe didn't have the best relationship with the mother but they were a strong time which ending up being a great thing in there life. See! Just like that, an analyzation of something could make it that much more beautiful than just random scanning.
        Having the issues of racial discrimination in the world we live in forces the means of beauty to have see-saw effects. In the early Victorian times, a woman with extremely fair skin and tiny coursetted waist was the epitome of woman a woman should be. Many would (I'm sure) went through all sorts of pain just to get a waist of glory and a pale face but if thats what the society acquired..... It's crazy to think now, in our modern day America that tanning and sun bathing have become so popular amoung this culture; although, some four hundred years ago, people of darker skin tones were highly discrimated against to the points of slavery and inhumane treatment. I guess it's funny how the table turns with beauty. Quite fickle if you ask me. Moreover, beauty should be more than an outer appearance or generalization but a depth that is forever effacable.

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  1. Hello, you have a lot to say about the interpretation of beauty. The descriptions in your examples are very good and I enjoyed viewing your post. Our individuality distinguishes our outlook. Beauty to me is everywhere. Sometimes I must search to see clearer and other times it is in front of me everywhere.Or are we being convinced by the media what beauty should be? We are bombarded by magazines,such as Seventeen or Allure, billboards in our community, make-up commercials and beauty contests on television defining beauty. Media attempts to shape our perceptions of beauty but I believe in the end our own opinion is more important.