Friday, March 25, 2011

Erwin Redl

    He is an Austrian born artist who currently lives in America. His work includes installations, videos, graphics, computerart and electronic music. Regarding installations and graphics, his work is two and three dimeninsional and redefines how interior and exterior spaces are expressed. (These various pictures are those in his LED Installation piece.)
      Redl states: “My work reflects upon the condition of art making after the ‘digital experience.’ The formal and structural approach to various media I employ, such as installation, CD-ROM, internet and sound, almost requires binary logic, because I assemble the material according to a narrow set of self-imposed rules which often incorporate algorithms, controlled randomness and other methods inspired by computer code." As you can see in the photos above, he places the lights in a square dimensional shape only a few inches apart which is mesmerizing to any set of eyes! 
     In his works Fade I animated the Eglise Sainte-Marie Madeleine in Lille, France, explores volume which allows people to move through lit spaces. Additionally, as a person being right in the middle of all lights surrounding them would be greatly mesmerising and beautiful. I think this is a different way to look at how an art form can come to life or be life as itself. Using these LEDs as an artistic medium broadens what anyones perspective of art is because the ranges can expand for ever. In my opinion, Redl has a technical creativity granted his ability to creative three dimensional shapes and make them come alive.
   Also, Redl's work will inspire other artist to go beyond what anyone can physically see and perhaps expand! Since art is defined as expressions, the audience should feel something inside while gazing upon workd and withhis art they clearly will. The LED lights give it a "wow" "whoa" factor.Consequently, without them i  do not think the pieces would be effective and or mind blowing. I may be wrong but it draws eyes in the more someone looks at it creating greater wonders more in depth. This is what art is about.

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