Sunday, March 6, 2011

As I Am

    Fashion is a big part of who I am and this is the reason why YaYa ( one of the finalist from America's Next Top Model ) is such an inspiration to me. During her cycle, she always keep her composer and stayed true to the person that she genuinely was inside. She reminds me of myself in many ways.


Paulete Marie Green. My beautiful mother.

I can honestly say that she has been a strong bone in my faimly which allows me to be stronger daily just for her. With out her making the many sacrifices that she has, I wouldn't have certain opportunities which I have today. She is a priceless part of my life.
   Here lies a picture of my brother in his prime. As a high school student, Archie was charismatic and outgoiong which made him a star at all times at school. He was in a class called Theatre Lab and after he graduated he, he highly encouraged me to join because it would bring me out of my shell supposably. At the time, I didn't think anything of it because I was more shy than he at that point. Later, I did decide to take the class and I haven't been the same ever since! I learned that a big brothers advice does go along way when you just take it. Archie definitely plays a big part of who I am today because he is one of my best friends.

    Wow. I remember when my bestfriend Taylor was pregnant with him. His name is Khaleo and he is my god son. He is very active, playful and sometimes violent even! He already is a handful so I'm sure he will be quite the character as he grows and matures in a young man.
An example of my creative side coming out is what you see here. I know that it was only edited on photobucket but it does so much to the theme and it just pops instantly! Photography is unique and gives me a chance to show individuality within the realms of a picture and that why pictures mean the world to me.

Well, what can I say about Beyonce? Besides he singing and dancing talents, her style has been grandly impressive over the years. She always seems to take EVERYTHING to the next level which inspires me to do so also. Being a fan of her work does make me a believer of consistancy which she is and forever will be. In this particular picture, she shows a sexy side which I think it is mportant for women to embrace and not be ashamed of.

Pharrel Williams from the Neptunes/ N.E.R.D is a imensely talented producer and songwriter. I remember I had the biggest celebrity crush on him from the time I was 13 to the time I was 16. He has a way with being smooth in his music and uses creativity that captures whatever audience that listens. I would consider my self unque and creative which is why I can relate to him.
I grew up in a Christian oriented family but my religious views have come solely from my personal experiences. I believe in God because I have seen him move with my own eyes not only in my lie but also in the lives of others around me. My faith only grows as a get older and I am excited to say that my belief in God isn't based on someone elses'. Being a Christian is not easy at all but when it is all said and done, I so glad I am. There are some days that I have no clue how I will make it through but with Jesus, I have learned everything is POSSIBLE NO MATTER WHAT.

If I could or even if it was possible, I would "shop til I dropped" and would think twice about it. There is something about going to your favorite store and indulging in the lastest gear just for a couple of hours. In my opinion, shopping is a de-stresser when things get crazy. However, by no means would I shop on low funds. Being a responsible shopper is as important as being in time for the last day of a sale. Also, it has help me to manage my money better.
I am apart of the praise team at my church and I strongly believes that it helps me to release my worries, fears, and sadness. Getting your emotions out is important because you can't bottle feelings up inside constantly or a person will eventually explode. Singing helps to regulate emotions while at the same time touch other and help them with their issues.
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Don't feed the models"? Well I encourage you to go find as many models as you can and feed them! In our society, weight is such a big issue and amoung young women, they have many insecurities regarding this. feeling unexcepted by society because of a persons' size is just ridiculous to me. Beauty is different period. It's universal and all body types, shapes, colors and weight should be accepted. Coming from my family, there are certain comments made when I go grab for one more helping or ask for more. My family has learned that although I am not plus sizes, big or heavy, it is a free world and I eat as I please. So yes, please feed the models because they are all quite beautiful to me.
Quinn Noel Rodriquez Dunn came into this world and quickly without notice, passed away suddenly after he had stopped breathing. He was only a few months old and it sorrows everyone to remember what happened that day. The greatest lesson that I have learned from losing Quinn is that life is way too short to settle yourself short for even just a moment. There are too many people, places, and things that a person should experience before they die. No one should ever waste time being unhappy because they would be defeating their greater purpose.

With my god daughter Jaiden, it's simple. I've learned that even with change, blessing still do take place. No matter what it looks like in the beginning, still strive higher because the future is closer than we all think. 

I'm a nineties baby can't you tell? I have class, grace, CHARISMA and creativity. No discrimination here but the 90's is a big part of who I am today and I would have wanted to be born at any other time!

Fatima is a model from Sudan who has inspired me to be grateful for my surrounding and where I come from. She was circumsized as a young girl because of rituals and customs where she came from. Fatima still made it to the top because of her intensity and gracefulness. She always tried to keep her pain and suffering a secret but when she learned that she could let go, that is when she reached limits which she had never thought she could.

    Last but not least, family is a big part of who I am because I have so much love for them and I am thankful to have such a loving and accepting family. As i have gotten older, I realize that many people are not blessed to have a support system like I have and it makes me so happy just be around them. Many of the things I have learned came from family oriented lessons. I have faith that it will not ever change because of the stage that has already been set.

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