Friday, May 13, 2011

Allan Kaprow

      He was an american painter, assemblist and pioneer of creating the concepts for pereformance art. Kaprow helped develop the "Environment" and the "Happenings" in the late 50's-60's. Eventually Kaprow shifted his practice into what he called "Activities", intimately-scaled pieces for one or several players devoted to the study of normal human activity in a way congruent to ordinary life.The "Happenings" first started as tightly scripted events, in which the audience and performers followed queues to experience the art. Kaprow says that the Happenings were "events that, put simply, happen." There was no structured beginning, middle, or end, and there was no distinction or hierarchy between artist and viewer. It was the viewer's reaction that decided the art piece, making each Happening a unique experience that cannot be replicated. His work attempts to integrate art and life. Through Happenings, the separation between life, art, artist, and audience becomes blurred. The "Happening" allows the artist to experiment with body motion, recorded sounds, written and spoken texts, and even smells.
                                                                   Collapsing Inwards

       Reviewing Kaprows work, I can see that he has an outskirt look on art. He deals with some issues in humanity which they face daily and something are more random because as he stated this that just happen. The arrtistic view would be to look at how he can about and how he has ended up. Is there muchof a difference? I think the fact that he gets people invovled and it isn't just a solitary thing fot him is hte reason he is ground breaking.

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