Friday, April 15, 2011

Gary Hill

    He was born in 1951 in beautiful southern California's own Santa Monica. Hill is considered to be on of the pioneers of the video art industry known for his many installations worldwide.Hill's work is especially significant because of his incorporation of text in video art, evident in works such as Incidence of Catastrophe 1977-1978. In addition, he began working with video, text and sound in 1973. He was influenced by the intellectual meanings of conceptual art which dominated art of the 1970s. Gary Hill's reading of the writings of Maurice Blanchelot, in particular, provided him with ideas relating to the way in which language impacts on phenomenological experience, and a notions stemming from the philosophy.
    I think that Mr. Hill has a technological perspective his art which grabs the audiences attention. I however am unsure of his background depth to his art. Morever, maybe it is just over my head or I am not having similar thoughts as he would looking at this. In the video above, I started to think of the concept 'start and finish' because he starts with something simple then progresses. I feel that people will appreciate his work not only because he does videos very well. Also, Gary Hill is considered the "father" of video art which means other artists already take inspiration from him in their work and other will continue.

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