Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fearful to Love

Lions & tigers & bears.....
sometimes love isn't fair
maybe it's juss something to share
when we dare.
Open up to the one who may care
sometimes there's a distance in the air.
We feel scared. To let go. To let free.
Of what we perceive,
and gain towards what we need.
Having a heartache,
can strengthen those who can bare a lil bit of pain.
Never the less heal us from all things vain.
Being afraid to love,
having being blinded by this worlds mirage,
can turn you inside out.
The things we most desire in life, we sometimes
do not receive because the Lord above knows
it will cause grief.
Just because I love you and you love me
doesn't mean that
we'll ever be......
Shining like the stars & as deep as the sea,
my passion for you is undoubtably.
Although over looked it IS there.
Many times took as a blank stare.
New foundations are formed over ancients ones.
How can she care for you so open hearted,
and you still make her feel so
Like any apple from its' tree,
my love for you has grown
beyond the seed.
It has blossomed throughout my tears,
shaping beyond my fears.
So now it's so clear to me.
Just because I love you and you love me
does not mean that we'll ever be.

( This poem was written by me in my junior year of high school.)

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