Sunday, March 6, 2011

Experience My Identity; LACMA

We had an interesting time at LACMA and this is one of the paintings that first stood out to me because it reminded me  of the piece that my group and I did at Venice. It was done by David Hockney with acrylic paint and it was a personal map of lets say what he saw on his way from his home ( Hollywood Hills) to his work studio ( Santa Monica )./ Also, it just stuck out from the rest of because of the colors. I think that I am a vibrant people which I express day to day because to me colors like so represent life.

The shapes of this portrait caught my attention first. It has triangular shapes and sharp edges. After that, I noticed the dark and devious colors which prey in the background. It is an oil canvas painting by Hans-Sieberg Heister called Anger and even though I'm nothing close to an angry person, I just simply love the look of it!

When I first looked at this sculpture, I felt a sorrow in my heart because that how good it is. Even in a dying state, Jesus has lots of emotion in his face and body language. I do identify with this because I am a Christian and whenever I see something like this it is a constant reminder that there is no greater love.

  I have a vast passion for fashion as you can see but this dress is absolutely amazing. The color and the whole make is gorgeous yet it has a classical look to it which is vintage to me. If I had the chance to try it on, I definitely would. This section of the museum is sort of new so I hadn't any of the fashion peices before but I'm glad they have added it. Fashion is me, it's everywhere and this is just an example of that. 
Gwen Stefani is such a beautiful person inside out. She reminds me of myself because she is unique throughout her music and her stlye. She represents all aspects of creativity and inspire girls who are alike and unlike to reach for greater limits. Stefani is like me because she has been in a groups, solos, duos and no matter what she does/ where she goes, she seems to come out on top. That is how I am now and how I would like to be in the future also.
Although a bit blurred, the photograph was taken of Elizabeth Taylor. The head wear she has on is stunning and the whole ensemble fits together yet its still colorful and vibrant. This is honestly something I would wear if I were a part of that culture. Seeing a picture like this makes you want to mimic it in every aspect because it has so much power. I think that she has grace and poise in the portrait which I'd like to think I have most of the time. (I try)

Finally, this is one of the last pictures I took. When I look at it at first I saw something completely different than when i actually stood back and took a long gase at it. I liked how most of the people have their faces circlced out. i'm not sure what the motive was behind it but I think that it is universal. I saw this in the American Art building so maybe something along the lines of sex, violence, social hierarcy and temptation? I'm unsure as of now but I just like how it was put together.

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