Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Toni Dove

     Toni Dove is an artist/independent producer who works primarily with electronic media, including  virtual reality, interactive video installations, performance and DVD ROMs that engage viewers in responsive and immersive narrative environments. Additionally, her work has been presented in the United States, Europe and Canada as well as in print and on radio and television. Her installation, Mesmer - Secrets of the Human Frame, was part of the 1990 Art in the Anchorage exhibition by Creative Time.

      Next, her recent project under development is Spectropia, a supernatural thriller about the many parts of desire. Moreover, it will be an interactive feature film performed for an audience in a theatrical setting or exhibited as a serial installation. The second part of the project will be a version for the living room - an immersive date movie for two players on DVD and internet. Thus to me Doves' work in the industry takes on a life of itself and generally has reality to it. Many artist do work where it is intially hard to underdstand but since she incorporates ral life scenarios, the audiience is better able to relate.

       Artist Toni Dove demonstrates the interactive 'Spectropia' experience in her TriBeCa apartment.
"You just have to be doing the thing that you are doing in an unbelievably intense way," she said, describing her epiphany. "You have to be lost in the thing that you're giving your audience."
  *This shows her immense joy and radiance through her narrative plays and pieces which are brought forth to the audience.

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