Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kris Schomaker "Gracie Kendal"

       Initially, to me she comes off as a dynamic second life (SL) artist who puts her passion and personal life into her art. Schomaker is a Grad student from California State University of Northridge. She has build a SL on the basis of her now identity and her virtual identity but who's to say that it's not real? Moreover, one day in class I strongly remember talking about the definitions of realism and our modern perceptions. Having a virtual life which you live some sort of real fantasy through to me is considered real in one aspect. Consequently, it is not all the way real seein that we cant touch "Gracie Kendal". We can look at her characteristics and imagine how she would perhaps be but maybe a vast imagination is all we need for this type of art.
     Schomaker has been successful at the SL art for three years now and in recent work is sturring The Gracie Kendal Project: My Conversation with My Avatar. Additionally, her work does in fact deal with issues of gender and identity with is a reflection I think perhaps of what she deals with inside herself. This is personified in her SL and maybe the whole reason behind it amoung other things. After analyzation, I have come to the conclusion that Schomaker will definately influence others to infulge in a life that at first is not their own but will become it. Therefore, art has these expressional aspcets which is why there should n't be walls limiting an artist from there potentials. As said by Kendal,  "My art, in whichever medium, is based on spontaneity and change."

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