Friday, April 15, 2011

Beall Center for Art & Technology

      The following pictures are from the Beall Museum in which we found these various inflatible items! I thought that it was spontaneous the way the objects moves although they had the help of the machines for air. It was exciting watching how they would transform next. For example, looking at the "ballerina legs" initially I didn't know that they were going to move so I was astonished when they did! The air filled legs were so graceful and poise how a ballerina should actually be while dancing. The artist who creates these pieces is a technological step in front of the rest of us! It was had not to be amused by watching them all move and transform. Also, I liked the way the direct light hits the art because everything stands out more.

A hidden side to the museum. (or so Natalie and I had first thought)

                                                                      Balls everywhere......
                                                                      But what if it was?

                                                                "Mommy, can I have it?"
     Can you see me? Becuase I can't see you.

     Moving foward, these pictures above have interesting story seeing that they exbit that we were in, we didn't think we were suppose to be in. I was funny until other walked in then I gained recomposure. My favorite was the magazine stacked against the wall because I myslef am a magazine collector. If I had to choose one to take home that day, that would have been it! The rest of the pieces like the blurring pictires and the boxes with balls falling out I found funny too. Who wants a blurring picture? As time went on gazing at it, it realized that only parts were blurred and not the whole photo. Thus, the artist must have wanted the audience to concentrate on tha particular aspect instead of the whole thing.

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