Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chistophe Bruno

    He was born in Bayonne, France and is a net Artist. He is mostly known for his ability to create art ove the web. With that, he was the first to create "epiphanes" on Google art. I am unsure of how big his salary is but as you and I can both imagine it is fruitfull! Some so basic as Google poetry can take one from the days general normalcy and create fun experiences. Additionally, I think he ws effective for creating this because it correspondes to more than one audience. I actually went on the site "epiphanies" to find what I would get out of a few words. I typed in feelings mutual babe and because of technical errors with the computer, I am unable to copy what it said but it was hilarious!

    Also, Bruno makes a mark with his memorable equilances of marketing backgrounds. He takes something like a simple logo and forces the sudience to view it in a different light. For example, the adidas logo is on every shoe that the company has made in distributed. With Brunos mind, he took that to another level of the question, "Where did that come from?" He shows a picture of a giant war tank similar looking to tha adidas logo which is insanely mind boggling. Since we the audience are unsure of whether marketers truely got this logo from that concept, it escapes us. On the contrary, its a good thought to thing about in the world of marketing and money. The concept of money being the root of all evil comes to mind maybe?...
(prices of words over the internet)
            *Makes me evaluate the society we live in. Should there be a suprise to these prices at all?

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