Friday, April 15, 2011

Miso Susanowa

     Not being able to find much about Susanowa, I did find these videos that I thought were great especailly the first one. I has a theme of SL (second life) in collaboration with RL (real life). If you can see the tank that the camera is circling around, it looks as if something is inside. I looks like basically life inside and has. I brings me to the thought that maybe as we live here on earth, we are nothing but things inside of things. For example, the Earth is a part of the solar system which is a part of the milky way which is apart of space, (so on..) etc. This indicates that she is a fantasy artist with more of a realistic view on her work.
   Also, here with here statements of use in propaganda, it shows reality in the world we live in. This second life artist Miso Susanowa is highly profound in her SL because she is giving to you many thing s you already may see daily.

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