Monday, February 7, 2011

Venice: The Beautiful Menace!

 Well where do I start to even begin about this Venice trip?! First in foremost, I want to say that going to Venice was unexpectedly more complicated than my initial thought. Getting pulled over by the police was a moment that I think my group and I (that went) all sort of gasped for air. Wrong place, wrong time is a sceneario that fits but maybe getting pulled over made an indirect impact on our experience as a whole. We got through that so Venice was a breeze in the sun! 
Strangely enough, this was my first time ever going to Venice Beach. When my group and I first arrived at the beach, there was an atmosphere of "im free" that I couldn't ignore which is why I instantly fell in love inspite of all that had previously occured. Cruising along the walk, there were all sorts of artist. Along the walls were paint/grafitti artists. There were also some Henna artists and even music artist playing guitatrs and so forth. One in particular was a man that had pencil sketched a portrait of Dwayne Carter (Lil Wayne) / (Weezy F) which I thought was amazing seeing that he didn't trace it at all.
Eventually, we got to the walls! Since there are things, people, art and food everywhere, it's hard to have a one track mind at Venice. Walking up through the hills of sand, you can smell the fresh paint whisping through the air. When we got there, I immediately was taken aback by the unique and vibrant art work which was dispalyed.
My travel group was inspired by Pollock which made us want to do a simular styled piece with our own theme. We started off with a circular shape with geometrical depth inside and out of the lines. We chose to use the more vibrant colors since we had to cancel out the back ground image you see above. Plus, it made the piece pop so much more!

Of course I had to put a little of my own majic right next to our piece.
It's a heart with an A inside of course! I'm naturally gifted can't you tell? The experience of Venice Beach was definately unforgetable and a moment cherished in my life. It was like having potluck of art in the same place because there was various types. I feel that it's the perfect place to be inspired or even inspire others. Although we ran into some unexpected bumps along the way, it was all worth it in the end.

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