Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Norton Simon Flicss!

   In my opinion these two portraits are very different because the first one you see above is a portrait of ballerinas. In that time (1885) ballerinas may have been admired for their poise and gracefullness in dance. It makes sense because beauty was intialized by how lady like a woman seemed in the way she carried her self.
    These are both involving women and there "place in the world"/ society because the picture below shows as it seems to be a young girl gathering lillies in a field. Rivera was inspired by Mexican art as we can evaluate from this picture. Both are structured totally different but have simular aspects. Degas sculptures are made of bronze, quite small and not mind blowingly colorful. On the contrary, Rivera used light and fading colors to portait his view on the flower vendor. He wanted to create more of a social part in the world.
    Degas sculptures show confidence and willingness to thrive. When I looked at them initially, this is the feeling that I got from them. Although these portraits came from simular times they are both simular and different. Art can overlap in this way which I find fundamental in exlporing all the possible reason for this type of Art in society. This one of the reason that his portrait was my favorite because I can actually understand his ideal of that culture.

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  1. the ballerina's were my favorite too! there simple and graceful ...and your second picture was one painting that stood out to me too when i went to the museum. its a famous painting that i have seen at a lot of upscale Mexican restaurants.

    ps; i love your profile!