Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Art!!!

     I feel that LOVE can be profecting in an art form! There are (as we know) many ways to tell someone you love them. Showing it is a whole other thing from saying or even implying it which makes the way someones demonstrates it creative and unique. Some may see love as an abtract noun or a way to describe a deep passionate never ending feeling. On the contrary, to me, is more of a verb! For instance, when a child is young there mother usually hugs and kisses them after they've been gone for a significant amount of time (summer camp, school day, etc). That is a prime example of love it's both given and received. Clearly an action that has to be backed my true feelings.
      Art itself is a broad range of creative maps all bond together by one big branch simular to a tree. Love in art can be expressed in poetry, song, dance, play, portrait or painting. This makes every part of art enjoyable because there is no one thing that is higher than another. Many times the general feeling of love is misunderstood and abused by our modern society but with art involved, love is expressed perfectly.
How could anyone forget Mariah Careys' song "Vision of Love" which was one of her first top hits in the 90's. It's a prime example of how music and love are so compatible making both unforgetable.

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