Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hildegard von Bingen

    Hildegard von Bingen was an intense writer, artist and nun in her church. She composed a play called Ordo Virtutum with theatrical elements. Bingen was an artist who was multi-talented in various areas. Her major shrine was called the Eibingen Abbey. It was later took over by Nazis but now it is a sacred shrine where her and her fellow sisters remains are located.
  Bigen was a visionary in literature and in spirituality. She was made "magistra" unanimously by her nun sisters. Her main compositions were Dendermonde and Riensenkodex. Bigen was devoted to her spiritual life as a nun because she also wrote about her strict views in her "Book of the Devine". Although she goes against odds because she is a woman artist, she definately doesn't believe in a corrupt lifestyle. Because of this, Bigen became a figure of reverance within the contemporary New Age movement.
 Her style was primarily in the religious field in art. A lot of her life was spent in that area and generally in art I think that the better a person knows something, the more they can push a message out to an audience.When Bigen became an artist, their were issues with her being a woman artist because in that era, women were considered as lower (less worthy). In the potrait above, it looks to me as there is a nun writing/reading something outside. At the same time, the frame is a bit small and it looks as if she is stuck in the middle being unable to move. I take it as a different perspective because as a nun, a person is unable to leave or have a wide range freedom by their type of lifestyle.

Hildegard von Bigen is an inspiration to others from every time passage and generation. Her art speaks out in the means of "so what?!" So what she was a nun. So what she was a woman and a devoted religious one too. Bigen knew of the issues she would face in the journey that she took but she still choose to be an example of how to truimph over all odds and for that, she will always be respected highly.

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  1. i was just learning about her in my music appreciation class. obviously since its a music class we focused mainly on her music but we touched a little on her art. cool!:)