Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Earth Art

Seal Beach at Sunset; March 31, 2011
             When you live....
             you thrive
             when you love
             you stay alive.
             Watching this beautiful sunset,
             my eyes and my mind
             thought to be true that
             falling for you was new while feeling loves' deja vu.
             Having him in my life now makes me realize
             my heart in soul never going unnoticed.
             From the first moments we laid our eyes upon each other, it was something different.
             Did sparks fly?
             Did the heavens open up?
             Did cupid shot his love infected arrow?
             None of the above.
             But what did happen was that God sent me someone to truely and deeply care for me.
             there was no catch to it.
             simplicity is our friend but often we can complicate matters.
             Falling for someone should be a simple day by day process
             with low expectation and a bit of faith.
             On this day, watching this sunset, he has left an impression on my heart
             which know I willl never forget.

              By: Ariah Green

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