Friday, May 13, 2011

Ana Mendieta

     She was a Cuban-American artist famous for her performance art and "earth-body" sculptural, photographic, and video work. Much of Mendieta's work may be considered strongly feminist by some; it is in essence autobiographical. Later Mendieta focused on a spiritual and physical connection with the land, most particularly in her Silueta pieces, which typically involved carving her imprint into sand or mud, making body prints or painting her outline or silhouette onto a wall. In 1983 she won the Prix de Rome and took up residence in Rome, Italy. During the last 2 years of her life she started creating "objects", mostly permanent sculptures and drawings, it was her intention to retain the connection with nature via the vibrations of the natural elements she continued to use in the works.

      I think of nature when I look at her art work because it seems humble and calming. Mendieta has a soft gentle approach with her art which I think anyone could understand if they tried. She has a humanness about her work which I think is good because it makes it more relatiable to the audience.

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